natural habitat for children

key stats $ 54 K starting budget 1 ac lot size 5 primary features 772 plants installed 57 different species project story Mary enjoys seeing wildlife in her neighborhood and wanted to beautify her property while creating food and habitat for wildlife and pollinators. As the design process progressed, she became excited about having a […]

rural farmhouse ecosystem

key stats $ 55 K starting budget 2 ac lot size 10 primary features 790 plants installed 68 different species project story Molly, her husband, and her 3 very small children moved into the property this past September. In her words, she is “not a farmer or gardener in the least” and the previous owners […]

rural habitat in ohio

key stats $ 40 K starting budget 2 ac lot size 4 primary features 366 plants installed 90 different species project story Doug moved to the countryside on 2 acres and wanted to create a habitat that would attract a variety of wildlife, feed pollinators, and create enough fruit and vegetables that he could eat […]

more food than the local grocer

key stats $ 75 K starting budget 2 ac lot size 5 primary features 426 plants installed 41 different species project story Paula is a wonderful and energetic lady. She has been excited and committed to transforming her yard for the last few years but has generally been over her head. Maybe a little too […]

smart habitat for humans and friends

key stats $ 20 K starting budget 0.25 ac lot size 3 primary features 921 plants installed 55 different species project story Ann came to Thrive Lot wanting to create a sustainable garden that provides food and flowers that benefits the environment. She also wanted to incorporate rain barrels and natural water collection in order […]

suburban secret garden

key stats $ 16 K starting budget 0.25 ac lot size 9 primary features 424 plants installed 75 different species project story Leigh wanted to create a “secret garden” of native perennials and some food in her backyard. Her home is in a newer development where most of the topsoil has been stripped away and […]

poolside ecosystem

key stats $ 25 K starting budget 0.5 ac lot size 5 primary features 102 plants installed 36 different species project story Anastassia came to Thrive Lot to build a partnership for dreaming big with a holistic vision and plan for converting her property into a beautiful, diverse, and productive foodscape that enhances the preservation […]

HOA nestled habitat

key stats $ 6 K starting budget 0.1 ac lot size 6 primary features 223 plants installed 51 different species project story Ellen wanted to convert the small, fenced-in back and side yards of her condo into a beautiful, diverse, and food-producing landscape with special consideration for the heavy traffic from her two dogs. She […]

tiny space, big ecosystem

key stats $ 8 K starting budget 0.1 ac lot size 4 primary features 24 plants installed 8 different species project story Sam’s yard is tiny, but she wanted it to become her tiny little slice of privacy and abundance. She now feels like she lives in a little fairy grotto, removed from the city. […]