smart habitat for humans and friends

key stats $ 20 K starting budget 0.25 ac lot size 3 primary features 921 plants installed 55 different species project story Ann came to Thrive Lot wanting to create a sustainable garden that provides food and flowers that benefits the environment. She also wanted to incorporate rain barrels and natural water collection in order […]

suburban secret garden

key stats $ 16 K starting budget 0.25 ac lot size 9 primary features 424 plants installed 75 different species project story Leigh wanted to create a “secret garden” of native perennials and some food in her backyard. Her home is in a newer development where most of the topsoil has been stripped away and […]

poolside ecosystem

key stats $ 25 K starting budget 0.5 ac lot size 5 primary features 102 plants installed 36 different species project story Anastassia came to Thrive Lot to build a partnership for dreaming big with a holistic vision and plan for converting her property into a beautiful, diverse, and productive foodscape that enhances the preservation […]