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If you believe that a healthy future requires good stewardship of the earth and all living things, then Thrive Lot is for you. We embrace learning from nature, being honest, and doing work that creates value.

Thrive Lot is not for people who think they already know everything about growing things. If you love GMOs and think we can save the world with more chemicals and more straight rows of lab created monocrop, then Thrive Lot is not for you.

If you want to see a world filled with bees, blooms, and blueberries. Let’s talk!

why ecosystems design

example ecosystem design

starting options

Pollinator garden wid

pollinator gardens

A lush diversity of mostly perennial, native flowering plants that bloom early spring through late fall to provide maximum food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Cut flowers year round and enjoy a beautiful winter garden! Also attracts beneficial insects that eat garden pests.


Food Forest Guilds

Unlike a natural forest, a food forest is designed with a predominance of food producing species, but unlike an orchard it has many different types of plants (such as tree, shrub, herbaceous etc.).

Bird wildlife habitat

wildlife habitat

Biodiverse native habitat ranging from dense forests to native grasses and forbs that your local birds and animals can eat and nest in.

how it works

Sign up and answer quick questions about your property, goals, preferences, and set a budget.

Pay your project deposit to schedule an in-person site assessment with the local, vetted Ecosystems Specialist that is the best match for your project.

Meet your Ecosystems Specialist at the appointed time on your property for about an hour. Your Ecosystems Specialist will note ecological conditions, take photos, and create a Project Roadmap with you based on your vision.

If your project requires professional landscape design, we’ll connect you with a vetted Landscape Designer on our platform to collaborate with your Service Provider and bring the design to life.

Get estimates, timelines, and updates on the project from your platform, accept contracts, pay deposits, and watch your property start to Thrive!

Stewardship is all about nurturing your ecosystem to become self-sustaining and learning how to cultivate the most abundance on your thriving lot!

no need for the usual fuss

Doing it yourself is tough. Between trying to hit the growing season, knowing what plant to put where, how to build healthy soil, and where to find the time, doing it yourself is hard. There’s a lot of information out there that’s conflicting or not suited to your region. Your thrive lot ecosystem specialist will not only build your soil, but your confidence as your ecosystem matures.

They’ll also arrive on time, and communicate clear expectations through the thrive lot platform. Instead of having to forego your dream project, we will work to meet your budget and phase the work according to your goals and priorities. No more no-shows and outrageous quotes.

choose your path with thrive lot

Together with your thrive lot Project Advocate, you’ll envision your dream project and get to watch the plan (and plants) come to life. According to your budget, goals, and priorities, you’ll receive a custom project roadmap and meet the pre-vetted team ready to make your dream a reality.

what others are saying

concept to install

  • $299 deposit
  • free concept design
  • single phase installation
  • Avg. $99/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 0.1-0.5 acre

full design

  • $299 deposit
  • $1.5K-$3.5K detailed design
  • single/multi-phase installation
  • Avg. $299/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 0.5-3.0 acres

homestead transformation

  • $299 deposit
  • $7.5K-$20K detailed design
  • multi-phase installation
  • Avg. $399/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 2.0+ acres