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more food than the local grocer

key stats

$ 75 K

starting budget

2 ac

lot size


primary features


plants installed


different species

project story

Paula is a wonderful and energetic lady. She has been excited and committed to transforming her yard for the last few years but has generally been over her head. Maybe a little too excited in some aspects, as she has eagerly spent thousands of dollars on plants only to let them die before getting them planted in her yard. Through some life changing moments eating fresh vegetables from friends gardens, she is motivated and recognizes the value of growing food at home. Paula currently lives on a 10 acre property and is hoping to impact about 2 acres of it.



“We’ll have more fruit, nuts and berries in the next few years than the local grocery might! Working with Thrive Lot and Brandon helped to collaborate on what to plant and get the massive project done on time and budget. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my food production on this beautiful land!”

Paula M.

project portfolio