successful projects

A look at edible landscapes, food forests and natural spaces which thrive lot ecosystems specialists have successfully designed and grown.

With ecology, there is no true Before or After as plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and the connections among them will evolve to what the land wants and needs—or a state of succession.

a backyard oasis

A vibrant Forest Garden installed in a tropical zone by ecosystems specialist, Megan Kelley.

Forest garden installed in a tropical zone. By Master Grower Megan Kelley.

wildlife friendly

Ann H. based in Ohio sought Thrive Lot’s guidance to grow an abundance of superfoods without pesticide use, and create an inviting habitat for wildlife. Susan Weber of Integrity Sustainable Planning masterfully designed a sustainable pollinator garden that incorporated solutions for natural water collection, while Trish Clark of Pollination LLC skillfully brought Ann’s vision for a food-producing and pollinator-friendly landscape to life.

beauty & productivity

Jonny Thomas of Regenerate Ohio works with edible, medicinal, and ornamental plants to create beautiful indoor and outdoor landscapes. The Regenerate Ohio team is masterful in striking a balance between artistic planting design and creating gardens that make sense for a changing world.
The guys that Thrive Lot contracted with in Ohio are AMAZING! They're polite, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working! Everything is coming together nicely.... and when they're done they'll be taking a drone photograph and walk me through the long-term care and maintenance of my amazing food-producing back yard!
Douglas Riggle
I fully believe in the mission of Thrive Lot. Everyone should be growing food. The Master Grower they connected me with has done an outstanding job. He and his crew have worked hard to help me refine my vision and bring it to fruition--pun intended.
Lise V.