transform yards into ecosystems.

earn more by doing your highest & best work

where your values are shared

You have abundance vision.
Your skills can heal.
You know we can grow a thriving world.
You want to connect - people, earth, living things. Locally, bioregionally, globally.

you have the skills

Use your soil and plant systems knowledge and get paid well for it, all with control of your schedule. Stop worrying about marketing, sales calls, chasing checks, clunky digital tools, even hiring–just get paid to do your highest and best work.

soil development
plant knowledge

to make an impact

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easy platform, straightforward process

Do your highest and best work without spending time chasing deals that never land. We’re building purposeful tech, with you, to support the regeneration of the American landscape. As your bioregional support team, our mission is to make the work you do easier for everyone to access.

why we work with you

The Thrive Lot platform evolves to enable a world in which human development facilitates natural systems. To that end, we’ve created a professional brand umbrella, cutting-edge marketing engine, convenient purchasing experience, and a suite of free tools for our service providers to use to create ecosystems and get paid faster, more efficiently, and with minimal hassle. Our goal is that you’re able to spend your time using your skills for the highest and best work you can do–consulting, designing, planting, teaching–not worrying about advertisements, trying to sell customers, or chasing down checks.

  • tools

    Workflows designed for any kind of project delivery process. Network support for templates, guidance, and assisting your business.

  • process

    Our process makes it easy to set clear expectations, communicate updates, and get paid on time to keep projects on schedule.

  • network

    The Guild network is a collective of other providers meeting and connecting to share knowledge and advance the movement.

why work with us

with thrive lot

on your own

how it works

Thrive Lot is a payments portal with special tools to help you connect and collaborate with customers and get paid. Your contractual agreements for construction are with customers, and you agree that any customers you connect with on the Thrive Lot platform will pay you on the platform.

As we grow together, we’re building specific tools that will continue to make the ecological assessment, base map creation, ecosystem design, plant guild building, plant and materials sourcing, soil building, and long term ecosystem stewardship easier and more efficient, allowing for more people to earn while generating and supporting life in all its expressions at the scale of internet technology.

01. get started

Submit your application and meet your Supplier Success Advocate to complete your vetting and onboarding.

02. accept first project

Start building your pipeline of mission-aligned projects by accepting your first project local to your area.

03. site assessment

Once you’re equipped with the Customer’s vision, budget, and priorities, you’ll spend an hour on site to assess existing conditions.

04. submit the proposal

Build a beautiful proposal replete with ecological context data and expectations for next steps. 

05. design the system

If the project needs design, you’ll spend time graphically representing the Customer’s vision.

06. estimate the installation

Use your catalog of line items and plants to generate a quick estimate fo keeping the project on track.

07. plants in the ground

Phase the project on the platform and provide a clear picture about what plants & features they’re getting installed.

08. finalize the install

Confirm completion of the install to the Customer’s satisfaction on the platform and present any next steps.

09. begin stewardship

So begins the caretaking and support journey to cultivate ecosystems into maturity and abundance!

the guild network

The Guild is Thrive Lot’s online community of ecological professionals from across the United States.

Join The Guild to connect with other service providers and ecosystem specialists in your bioregion. Follow the link below to learn more; otherwise part of your onboarding process will be to download the app and activate your account.

  • shared space

    This communal space is for sharing, growing, and building collaborative partnerships based upon our shared love for the natural world and commitment to growing a world that thrives.

  • social events

    Collaborative knowledge sharing about best practices, group challenges, opportunities, and more! These scheduled gatherings forge new, stronger relationships across bioregions.

  • diverse topics

    Ecological professionals sharing their experience on a wide range of topics like stewardship, systems design, regenerative design, permaculture, and much more.

our success story starts here

Apply and join hundreds of fellow regenerative and ecological landscaping designers.

Together, we can create an industry of agro-ecology that hits a tipping point to change the world.

Online platforms, like thrive lot, are the fastest and most powerful tool known to man. Let’s use it to support all life on earth to achieve your mission.

frequently asked questions

We understand your concerns but that is not the case. We have a thorough vetting process to ensure everyone is qualified and setting strong standards for the industry.

Our network consists of talented and quality focused companies who have a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment with their work. They have deep knowledge of native and edible plants, understand soil health, and know how to build self sustaining ecosystems that benefit the ecology, wildlife and the property owners.

We add a markup on top of your costs to ensure you receive everything you need to complete the project and feel confident in taking on the next one.

We have learned from other service providers that there are two paths that work for them.

1. Some will not give a price onsite because they do not like to make estimates without doing some research. They will let the customer know they need to go back and figure out what it will be and get back to them.

2. You can speak in wide ranges so that you will be covering your cost and ours.

Absolutely. We want everyone that joins us to be doing the best and highest work so we have developed our platform that will allow multiple users to work on the same project. We can connect you with one of our trusted designers so that you can quote out the design and get to work once the customer has approved the design. 

We begin by asking you some brief questions about you and your company, then one of our members of our Supplier Development team will reach out to schedule an introductory call. The call lasts about 30 minutes and allows us to learn more about you and for you to ask any questions on your mind. If all goes well and we can bring value to you, we will send you a more in depth profile building questionnaire so that we will have a deep understanding of the projects you want to do, the requirements to take them, etc. After you complete this, we will schedule a virtual onboarding/training meeting with you so walk you through the process and platform we have developed.   Click “Get Started” on our service provider landing page to begin!

The background check is required for our insurance policy and we want to provide confidence for every customer that they know their service provider is insured, licensed, and has passed a background check. We use a 3rd party company called CheckR so Thrive Lot will never have access to your SSN.

While we maintain a terms of service agreement with customers, we do not have a contract with each customer for services performed. We serve as your representative and will facilitate getting your company’s contract signed with the customer via DocuSign

Congratulations! Yes, please sign up. To help you get experience, we can partner you with an Ecosystems Specialist in your area who is doing similar work so that you can learn from them in a mentor relationship.

No way! We know that forcing people into bidding drives their value down. We hand select each project to ensure that the customers vision, goals, and information aligns with the service provider so they will be excited to take it.

Thrive Lot serves a payment processor for you. We combine the invoices for all parties working on a phase and then give the customer one invoice. After they make payment, we pay you.

You do! If needed we can give recommendations based on what your peers are charging for the same type of work.

We use Stripe to link our bank account to yours so that we can transfer you money. We pay you $250 for each Site Assessment after you have visited the customers property and entered your notes and proposal into the customers project page. For all other work proposed, we operate on a 50/50 split. Meaning that we pay the first 50% of your invoice to get started and the remaining 50% once you have completed it. We do collect 100% of material and equipment cost up front so that you can secure everything needed for the project.