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suburban secret garden

key stats

$ 16 K

starting budget

0.25 ac

lot size


primary features


plants installed


different species

project story

Leigh wanted to create a “secret garden” of native perennials and some food in her backyard. Her home is in a newer development where most of the topsoil has been stripped away and covered with Bermuda grass. Leigh had some planting/gardening experience but didn’t know how to work with her soil and needed someone to help who would teach her along the way. Her goal was to start eliminating mowing in her backyard entirely. She is now several steps ahead of the game after working with her perfect match, Biodesic Strategies, who made her vision real.



“When you walk into the backyard you get a wow factor. A respite place that attracts bluebirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies so I can sit on my porch and enjoy them. I fired my lawncare–I don’t feel good about putting chemicals in the ground.”

Leigh W.

project portfolio