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why systems design?

Imagine walking into a lush green landscape

…where the air is fresh, cool, and moist. A canopy of walnut trees and piñon pine shelters an understory of plums, mulberries, nectarines, and jujube trees.

Up ahead, a small patch of edible passionflowers climbs a wall while grapevines arch over a trellis. A flock of quails quenches their thirst in shallow ditches specifically dug to catch precious rainwater. On the northern slope, berry bushes serve as an edible hedge to block winds from a nearby canyon and dampen the region’s wild temperature swings. Songbirds and wildlife abound.

What a stark difference from what this land used to be—a desert community experiencing continuous 97°F heat reflecting from eroded hillsides nearby.

That’s the power of ecological systems design, the foundation upon which Thrive Lot’s design philosophy is based.

This whole-systems framework aims to revitalize sources of energy and restore the natural cycles that have been broken by conventional landscape design and big agriculture. Ever wonder why a forest or a meadow looks perfect, while a garden demands arduous hours of labor? Thrive Lot’s design philosophy respects nature.

Through ecological systems design, we provide homeowners with a blueprint for landscape design that is stunning, multi-functional, bountiful and ecologically diverse to serve all life on earth—including humans and wildlife.

What is ecological systems design?

It’s a multi-disciplinary art form that draws from physical sciences, architecture, nutrition, and the observation of natural systems. The ethical underpinnings that guide our work are simple yet powerful: take care of earth, take care of the people, and share the surplus.
At Thrive Lot, we approach each project with four design principles in mind:

Who does this type of design?

Thrive Lot Ecosystems Specialists have a proven history of design excellence and nuanced expertise in local ecology. They are expert in designing, installing and maintaining outdoor spaces for ecology, function and aesthetics.

They have also received consistently positive customer reviews, passed a background check, and are fully licensed and insured.