transforming yards into ecosystems.

an easy ecosystem platform

building beautiful, sustainable spaces

our values

Cultivate beautiful and bountiful landscapes that provide a healthy, abundant and resilient environment.
Create vibrant, biodiverse habitat so that all forms of life may flourish.
Eliminate poisonous chemicals from the air, water, soil and habitat.
Provide flexible, living wage jobs with purpose.
Connect people with the natural ecosystems that support life.
Create value for others and earn in return. Don’t require people to do it themselves.

what we've done


sq. ft. of yard transformed


new trees & plants installed


gallons of water conserved


lbs. of CO2 sequestered

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for property owners

Be surrounded by lush plants, bees, birds, blooms, butterflies, and yes–even blueberries. Know that your yard provides a beautiful example to everyone in your community. Step out your back door and harvest fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, roots–even eggs and honey.

for service providers

Use your soil and plant systems knowledge and get paid well for it, all with control of your schedule. Stop worrying about marketing, sales calls, chasing checks, clunky digital tools, even hiring–just get paid to do your highest and best work.

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Sign up here to get information on how you can spread the word, start a movement, and even earn credit promoting Thrive Lot within your community. Let’s build a better world, one yard at a time!

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our vision

Our vision is a world in which human land use creates healthy biodiverse ecosystems that support life in all of its expressions.

We imagine people everywhere having access to affordable, chemical-free, environmentally regenerative, locally produced whole food.

We imagine homes, buildings, and communities surrounded by living beauty and biodiversity.

We imagine people being able to work locally outdoors for a living wage with a flexible schedule while improving property values.

Every Thrive Lot project means less chemicals dumped on lawns and industrial farms, fewer fossil fuels burned in mowing, blowing, and food transportation, less plastic waste in landfills from food packaging and landscape materials packaging, local gig jobs created, and homeowner property values improved.

stats & stories

mowing for 1 Hour

generates as much pollution as driving 100 miles

Cornell University (

our meals travel 1500 miles

"We put almost almost 10 kcal of fossil fuel energy into our food system for every 1 kcal of energy we get as food.”

Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture

homeowners use 10X chemicals

per acre on their lawns than farmers use on crops

(Deep Roots Project)

17 million gallons of fuel

"spilled during the refilling of lawn and garden equipment—more than the oil that the Exxon Valdez spilled.”

(U. of Columbia)


this is your chance to imagine all the ways you're going to transform your lawn.


synthesize the vision with expert observations and recommendations.


produce a unique design that combines your vision with the ecological context while staying true to your budget.


implement the work plan and watch as your ecosystem bursts forth with life.


ensure the long-term succession and yield of the ecosystem well into maturity.