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Choose what's best for your budget and your yard. Your ecosystems expert can do everything from a simple raised bed garden to a complete property transformation (and everything in between).

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Concept to Installation

Best for small projects with low complexity.
A few raised beds?
A compost station?
Quick and simple.

$5k - $50k+
$299+/mo maintenance
deposit required
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Full Design to Installation

Suited for large, complex property transformations.
A detailed design ensures alignment before work begins.

$20k - $100k+
$499+/mo maintenance
deposit required
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Thrive Lot
Traditional Landscaping
Ecological Expertise
Yes, vetted
Ecological Assessment
Vision Building Process
Digital Design
Financing Options
Clear Budget Expectations
Clear Project Timeline
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Every project is unique and customized to your preferences


We understand you want to get the most value for your money.


We understand you desire high-quality results that will last and meet your immediate and longterm goals.


We understand you want to customize your home ecosystem to your property.

Frequently asked questions.

You've got questions, we've got answers. If you don't see an answer to your question, please reach out!

What is a home ecosystem?

A home ecosystem can provide your family a beautiful yard filled with native plants, nutritious foods, and pollinator gardens; while reducing your carbon footprint. They sequester carbon, improve water retention in the soil, eliminate the need for ‘mowing & blowing,’ and remove the need for damaging pesticides; all while developing rich, nutrient-dense soil.

How long have you been in business?

Thrive Lot has been in the works for 7 years, but we officially launched in Fall 2019. Our Service Providers have been practicing for years, decades even. Our core team has been geographically distributed long before the remote work trend became a necessity. We’re not a one-trick peony.

What is the average cost range for installation?

Good question! It depends. Installations typically can range from $3,000 to $100,000 for complex landscape architecture or small farms.

  • A Thrive Lot installation can significantly increase the value of your property
  • Optional design fees are approximately 15% of the project installation cost
  • Cost per square foot varies widely from $1 to $40 per square foot
  • Typical garden beds run ~$5 per square foot
I don't have that kind of money to start.

We offer customer financing at affordable rates, and can help with budget planning! You can even put your project on “layaway” and start building up a balance for your top priority.

Many towns and HOAs don’t allow vegetable gardens in the front yards. Help?

Our service providers can work with your HOA to create a permaculture design that looks beautiful and one that fits within guidelines. We also know creative ways to deal with HOAs. Let us know how we can guide your conversations by chatting with us.

Why do you charge payment upfront to analyze my property?

Our Service Providers all have the mastery of soil, plant, insect, wildlife, hydrology, and equipment knowledge. Our thorough vetting process ensures that Service Providers will show up to make proper site analysis and follow up with a comprehensive plan.

As you can imagine, their time is in high demand. So, think of your upfront deposit as an investment in both your time and theirs, providing you with a consistently valuable service.

Also, there’s no better time to ask an expert all your questions, in person, about edible landscaping, growing a food forest, and garden maintenance. We’re here to herb your enthusiasm.

I have questions as far as the cacti can see. Could I speak with someone?

Of course! Chat with us or Start Your Project to learn what’s possible on your property and get some project estimates.

Customer love

You are the reason we do what we do. Also the planet. Ensuring our customers have a great experience is our #1 priority. Perhaps #2, behind Earth. It's a tie, really.

“The guys that Thrive Lot contracted with in Ohio are AMAZING! They're polite, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working! Everything is coming together nicely.... and when they're done they'll be taking a drone photograph and walk me through the long-term care and maintenance of my amazing food-producing back yard!”
Douglas Riggle
Ohio property owner
“I’m probably the most emotional client y’all have ever had but the day we spent yesterday filled my soul; the kids and I felt seen. Elli was so excited to show off her knowledge of plant and animal systems. She asked such good questions and instead of scorn or eye rolls, this crew just put her to work and talked with her like a person. They were a perfect match for us.”
Kim Moore
CFO, Butterfield Trail Village
“My backyard now has not only the beautiful aesthetic look I wanted, but also herbs, veggies, bees, birds and butterflies! Finding Thrive Lot and Mike was perfect, because they care about the planet and living things just like I do and are careful to always support wildlife and nature with no chemicals.”
Anastassia Laskey
Georgia property owner