Example Projects

Gather inspiration from some Thrive Lot projects

Our network of ecosystems experts specialize in creating sustainable, self-sufficient systems by mimicking patterns and relationships already found in nature. Applying these principles in your yard’s transformation creates a beautiful, abundant and sustainable outdoor space for all to enjoy. Below are just a few examples of our customers' yard transformations.

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Customer love

Ann is one of our happy customers now that she's reaping the benefits of her beautiful garden and cisterns.

My boring little back patio is now an enchanting and abundant garden! All in about 400sf of space. Thank you Thrive Lot!”
“Everything has gone very well! We are so pleased with the final install and our interactions with the team. I can’t wait to try out the cisterns!”
“My backyard now has not only the beautiful aesthetic look I wanted, but also herbs, veggies, bees, birds and butterflies! Finding Thrive Lot and Mike was perfect.”
Example Projects

Explore some recent projects from Thrive Lot customers

Urban Oasis

Sam was delighted at how she was able to transform her small backyard patio into a thriving garden in a limited amount of space. Her tiny space now contains many plants that produce food, including herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, and mushrooms.

$3k budget
⅒ acre
66 plants
11 species
Urban oasis Thrive Lot design
Urban oasis corner planter boxes
Urban oasis box closeup
Urban oasis hanging plant closeup
Thrive Lot customer backyard featuring raised bed near swimming pool

Poolside ecosystem

Anastassia came to Thrive Lot with a big vision for creating a beautiful, diverse, and productive foodscape. We replaced her lawn with native plants and installed a fruit forest featuring mature Pineapple Guavas and Cherry Trees. Anastassia now shares her food abundance with neighbors while feeding bees and butterflies with healthy, pesticide-free plants.

$25k budget
½ acre
102 plants
36 species

Rural habitat

Doug bought a 2-acre property in rural Ohio and wanted to create a habitat that would attract a variety of wildlife, feed birds and butterflies, and produce an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Throughout the design process he made it clear that a pond, forest garden, pollinator habitat, and fire pit were top priorities. As you can see from the photos, he got exactly what he wanted.

$40k budget
2 acre
366 plants
90 species

Popular components installed in projects

Chicken coop

Enjoy fresh eggs daily with a high-quality, easy to maintain chicken coop! Plus, they also help to reduce food waste by eating kitchen scraps and insects.


Now that you have a lot of native flowers, get some bees to pollinate your plants and make the healthiest honey.

Mushroom shelter

Perhaps the most resilient and rewarding food to grow at home. A small shaded space can produce an abundance of delicious, fresh mushrooms.

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