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From backyard oases of natural bounty to simply cleaning up invasives and planting native plants, we've done it all–in every climate, in every size and shape of yard.

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Project Portfolio

Explore some of our Thriving projects

Urban Oasis

Sam was delighted at how she was able to transform her small backyard patio into a thriving garden in a limited amount of space. Her tiny space now contains many plants that produce food, including herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, and mushrooms.

$3k budget
400 sq. ft
back patio
66 plants
11 species
Interior Forest
Urban oasis corner planter boxes
Urban oasis box closeup
Urban oasis Thrive Lot design
Urban oasis hanging plant closeup
Mushroom bed
Apple tree on patio
Edible flowers
Herbs from the back patio
Hanging herb basket to maximize space
Eggplant right outside the kitchen door

"My boring little back patio is now an enchanting and abundant garden complete with herbs, fruit, veggies and even mushrooms! All in about 400sf of space. Thank you Thrive Lot and Doug!”

Thrive Lot customer backyard featuring raised bed near swimming pool
Fresh carrots from the poolside garden
Flowers and herbs in the poolside garden bed
Garden beds and trellis arch

Poolside ecosystem

Anastassia came to Thrive Lot with a big vision for creating a beautiful, diverse, and productive foodscape. We replaced her lawn with native plants and installed a fruit forest featuring mature Pineapple Guavas and Cherry Trees. Anastassia now shares her food abundance with neighbors while feeding bees and butterflies with healthy, pesticide-free plants.

$25k budget
½ acre
102 plants
36 species
compost station
chic design
Interior Forest

“My backyard now has not only the beautiful aesthetic look I wanted, but also herbs, veggies, bees, birds and butterflies! Finding Thrive Lot and Mike was perfect, because they care about the planet and living things just like I do and are careful to always support wildlife and nature with no chemicals.”

Rural habitat

Doug bought a 2-acre property in rural Ohio and wanted to create a habitat that would attract a variety of wildlife, feed birds and butterflies, and produce an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Throughout the design process he made it clear that a pond, forest garden, pollinator habitat, and fire pit were top priorities. As you can see from the photos, he got exactly what he wanted.

$40k budget
2 acres
366 plants
90 species
wildlife habitat
forest garden
Interior Forest
Rustic seating around firepit
Backyard garden from the patio with planter boxes
Stone firepit feature
Fresh currants from the forest garden
Close-up large flower
Herbs beside the walkway
Fresh apple growing in the garden

“The guys that Thrive Lot contracted with in Ohio are AMAZING! They're polite, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working! Everything is coming together nicely.... and when they're done they'll be taking a drone photograph and walk me through the long-term care and maintenance of my amazing food-producing back yard!”

Gorgeous planter box garden layout with outdoor couch
Arbor and fenced entrance to edible oasis
Couch visible through trellis arch in garden retreat
Outdoor seating in garden
Gravel base and tomatoes growing in garden retreat
Fresh heirloom peppers in backyard
Zinnias thriving in garden retreat
Close up of flower blooming in garden retreat
Multiple wildflowers among the herbs in perimeter planting of garden retreat
Outdoor couch with sun shade in garden retreat

Garden Retreat

Kristi had tried gardening in her bare, open backyard without success. As a working professional with a love of fresh veggies, she was thrilled when Thrive Lot redesigned her space with a bountiful raised bed layout, outdoor couch and table, potting work bench, blackberry run, and espaliered fruit trees all surrounded by a native pollinator garden protected by a tasteful fence.

$30k budget
¾ acre
563 plants
40 species
native pollinator garden
raised beds
outdoor seating
deer fence
Interior Forest

Farm Garden Park

Paula's DIY orchard was dying, and she had a vision for so much more. Over the course of 3 years and with ongoing maintenance and development, Thrive Lot has established a thriving garden park, enormous orchard, deer fencing, rainwater harvesting and irrigation over 2 acres of her 10-acre mini farm, setting her up for an abundance of food production and wildlife viewing without fear of damage to crops.

$95k budget
2 acres
200+ plants
70+ species
rainwater harvesting
deer fence
wildlife habitat
native wildflowers
garden beds
New Jersey
Mixed Forest
Garden farm design
Pollinators thrive in Farm Garden Park
Blueberry harvest
Maypops fruiting
Flowers and mulch
Garden farm park plant palette

"We’ll have more fruit, nuts and berries in the next few years than the local grocery might! I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my food production on this beautiful land!”

Plant palette for kitchen terrace garden
Terrace planter box with herbs, flowers and veggies
Kitchen Terrace Garden plant palette

Kitchen Terrace Garden

Alizeh was tired of her steep back yard and had tried gardening there without success. Thrive Lot built a tiered garden bed system, revitalized the back patio, and added a jasmine trellis to remind Alizeh of her loving grandmother.

$15k budget
300 sq. ft.
steep slope
100+ plants
15 species
Interior Forest

Edible Habitat

Ellen loves birds, bees and butterflies and was tired of living on a patch of non-native grass that needs mowing and doesn't feed anything. So, Thrive Lot installed an abundant native garden that immediately attracted local pollinators and wildlife. An intolerant neighbor sued, and Thrive Lot provided the expert witness to win the case, setting a strong precedent in Alabama for native plants in city yards!

$7k budget
¼ acres
142 plants
43 species
native plants
Southeast Savannah
Native, edible habitat garden
Fresh sugar snap peas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberris and tomatoes from the garden
Path through the pollinator garden
Monarch butterfly thriving in the garden
Bee pollinating vegetable bloom
Edible flowers and peas from the garden, sautéed with cheese
Comprehensive design rendering for edible habitat
Large lily bloom
Massive fresh strawberries from the garden
Fresh raspberries in the garden
Pollinator garden

“I love my yard! Every month there is something new and interesting blooming, fruiting or changing and there are a lot more bees and birds.”

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  • Washington
  • New Jersey
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Popular components we install and maintain for you

Chicken coop
Chicken coops

Enjoy fresh eggs daily with a high-quality, easy to maintain chicken coop! Plus, they also help to reduce food waste by eating kitchen scraps and insects.

Fresh honey from your backyard

Now that you have a lot of native flowers, get some bees to pollinate your plants and make the healthiest honey.

Mushroom bed
Edible mushroom logs or beds

Perhaps the most resilient and rewarding food to grow at home. A small shaded space can produce an abundance of delicious, fresh mushrooms.

Mushroom bed
Bat boxes

Provide a place for bats to roost and help control insect populations.

Mushroom bed
Rainwater catchment

Collect rainwater for irrigation and conserve water.

Mushroom bed
Waste digester

A system that converts organic waste into useful by-products like compost and biogas, reducing waste and creating a more sustainable property.

Mushroom bed
Compost station

Convert organic waste into compost, which can be used to improve soil health.

Mushroom bed
Bee hotels

Did you know the only native bees to North America are solitary bees, like carpenter bees and mason bees? They're also the best pollinators, so give them a home!

Mushroom bed
Wildlife-friendly outdoor lighting

Lights that emit less harmful light to wildlife, helping preserve their natural behavior and habitat.

Mushroom bed

Provide nesting sites for birds and increase biodiversity.

Mushroom bed
Permeable hardscapes

A permeable hardscape helps to reduce runoff and recharge groundwater supplies, making it an important component for conserving water and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Mushroom bed
Arbor trellises

Provides support for climbing plants and creates a shaded area for relaxation.

Mushroom bed

Extend the growing season and provide a space to grow plants that wouldn't normally survive in the local climate.

Mushroom bed
Raised beds

Elevates the garden for better soil, drainage, and accessibility.

Mushroom bed
Privacy hedges

A living fence made of trees or shrubs that provides privacy and also provides habitat for wildlife and even food.

Mushroom bed
Wildlife barriers

Physical barriers like fencing, cages, or dense hedges that keeps wildlife out of areas of food production.

Mushroom bed
Greywater recycling system

A system that collects and filters gray water (from sinks, showers, and washing machines) for reuse in irrigation, reducing the amount of fresh water needed. Subject to local ordinances.

Mushroom bed
Rainwater drip irrigation systems

Conserve water and provide a more efficient way of watering plants.

Mushroom bed
Soil moisture sensors

Soil moisture sensors help to monitor soil conditions, providing valuable information for irrigation management and helping to prevent over- or under-watering, which can harm plants and soil microorganisms.

Mushroom bed
Wind & solar

Create off-grid energy to power a few lights, irrigation, or even a whole home sustainably.

Mushroom bed
Bird feeders

Attract birds and provide them with a source of food. This is only recommended if bird-feeding native plantings are already maximized.

Mushroom bed
Fire pits

Enjoy cookouts and relaxing evenings in the garden.

Mushroom bed
Insect hotels

Provides habitat for beneficial insects, like pollinators and predatory insects, that help maintain a healthy garden ecosystem.

Mushroom bed
Outdoor kitchens

Cook and entertain outdoors!

Mushroom bed
Shade sails

An affordable and versatile way to provide shade and protect against UV rays. Shade sails can be easily installed and customized to fit the homeowner's needs, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for outdoor shade.

Mushroom bed

An elegant and functional outdoor structure that provides shade and adds character to the space. Pergolas can enhance the visual appeal of the outdoor area and provide a comfortable, shaded area for outdoor activities and entertaining.

Mushroom bed
Poultry runs

A safe and secure space for chickens, turkeys, and more to roam and forage. Poultry runs can provide homeowners with fresh eggs, meat, and fertilizer, as well as help control pests and weeds in the garden.

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