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Live bountifully, with nature

If you believe that a healthy future requires good stewardship of the earth and all living things, then Thrive Lot is for you. We embrace learning from nature, being honest, and doing work that creates value.

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Our yards and produce are working against us

The average American yard consists of a single monocrop (grass). Not only that, the produce we consume often requires significant travel to reach us. This is harming our health and the planet.


miles of driving emits the same CO2 as 1 hour of mowing the lawn


gallons of fuel is spilled during lawn equipment refilling each year


more chemicals are used on lawns than on crops, per acre


miles are driven on average for our food to reach us

OUR Impact

Join us in creating beautiful habitats and healthy food resilience

Thrive Lot is having a direct impact on helping our environment, from bees to birds to butterflies. Check out what we've accomplished thus far.


ft² of yard transformed


trees & plants installed


gal of water conserved


lbs of CO₂ sequestered

Yard Transformation

Bring back the blooms, birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard.

Save yourself time and money from having to mow a lawn. While you're at it, spare the atmosphere from the lawn mower and herbicides. No need to worry about spilling gasoline while refilling your watering can.

Food Transportation

Produce at your front (or back) door.

The shortest commute for your food is growing it in your yard. Inflation-free and guaranteed organic. Strengthen your immune system digging through the soil while at it.


Our team is here to help you at every step.

Clear info: You'll know exactly what to expect. We provide detailed information about the process, costs, and services. You can even track your project online.

Quick answers: The Thrive Lot team and your dedicated Project Advocate is always available to help.

Ongoing support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance to make sure you succeed.

Your project, your budget

Choose what's best for your budget and your yard. Your ecosystems expert can do everything from a simple raised bed garden to a complete property transformation (and everything in between).

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Concept to Installation

Best for small projects with low complexity.
A few raised beds?
A compost station?
Quick and simple.

$5k - $50k+
$299+/mo maintenance
deposit required
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Full Design to Installation

Suited for large, complex property transformations.
A detailed design ensures alignment before work begins.

$20k - $100k+
$499+/mo maintenance
deposit required
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Customer love

You are the reason we do what we do. Also the planet. Ensuring our customers have a great experience is our #1 priority. Perhaps #2, behind Earth. It's a tie, really.

“We are so pleased with this project! It has transformed our outdoor space. The crew was incredibly kind, professional, respectful, skilled, and fun to be around. Thank you!”
Kelly Weisinger
Georgia property owner
“My boring little back patio is now an enchanting and abundant garden complete with herbs, fruit trees, veggies and even mushrooms! Thank you Thrive Lot and Doug!”
Sam Rolfes
Ohio property owner
“I can’t begin to express how pleased we are with the first phase of the installation, it’s really very exciting. Just came in from looking at the Edible Edge and things are starting to flourish!”
Joe Cox
CEO, Museum of Discovery & Science