about us

Thrive Lot is on a mission to create food abundance.

Through our online platform, we guide you and connect you with vetted Ecosystems Specialists to transform traditional yards into beautiful, edible landscapes and forest gardens through ecological systems design.

Where most simply see green grass, Thrive Lot identifies endless opportunities for natural systems to provide nourishment and habitat for all life on earth.

By changing landscapes, we change lives.

Our company was founded by a passionate team of business operators and technology creators who are dedicated to building the tools to connect the people who can heal our world.

Thrive Lot brings organic food production closer to home by designing, installing and maintaining edible landscapes and forest gardens.

With Thrive Lot, yards are aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional, bountiful and ecologically diverse. We also developed an online platform that provides visionary homeowners with transparency and clarity in the landscape design experience.

Every Thrive Lot project installed means more nutritious foods, better curb appeal, reduced reliance on fragile systems, and instilled respect for the land all around us.

Ready for radical change? Join the movement to leave a positive impact on earth!

thrive lot foundation

At Thrive Lot, we believe in a culture that gives more than it takes. Beyond serving the needs of our customers, our intention as we scale over time is to contribute a portion of our annual profits to nourish the needs of the local communities where we operate. 

We look forward to your ideas on great projects we could do in your community and to sharing more on this effort in the future.

Meet the Team

Justin West  Co-Founder & CEO

Justin West

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Hodge

Co-Founder & CPO

Micah Hodge

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

Kathy Butkevich

Co-Founder & COO

Nick Major

Director of Dev-Ops

Dustin Chambers

Director of Partnerships

Jonathan Hodge  Project Success Manager

Jon Hodge

Director of Sales

advisors & supporters

Bill Ganus, Entrepreneur  (Advisor)

Bill Ganus



Susan Weber, Sustainable Landscape Designer  (Advisor)

Susan Weber


Sustainable Landscape Designer

Frank B. Smith III, Serial Entrepreneur   (Advisor)

Frank B. Smith III


Serial Entrepreneur

Mark Eckhardt, CEO of COMMON  (Board of Directors)

Mark Eckhardt

Board of Directors


Mike Spear

Board of Directors

Founding team at Classy.org

Brian Krumm, Director of University of Tennessee–College of Law Business Clinic  (Board of Directors)

Brian Krumm

Board of Directors

Director of University of Tennessee College of Law Business Clinic

Dr. Brian von Herzen


Founder & Executive Director of the Climate Foundation.