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Below you can explore the various kinds of ecosystems, their unique benefits, and additional components worth considering as a part of your project. Our Service Provider network consists of specialists and generalists who are all experts in establishing the right combination of components and structures to deliver your thriving ecosystem. 


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concept to install

  • $299 deposit
  • concept design
  • single phase installation
  • Avg. $99/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 0.1-0.5 acre

full design

  • $299 deposit
  • $1.5K-$3.5K detailed design
  • single/multi-phase installation
  • Avg. $299/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 0.5-3.0 acres

homestead transformation

  • $299 deposit
  • $7.5K-$20K detailed design
  • multi-phase installation
  • Avg. $399/mo. stewardship (optional)
  • 2.0+ acres