how it works

Ecosystems can be complex and projects can involve a lot of moving pieces. We designed an optimal process with our Service Providers for setting clear expectations and delivering stunning results.

Sign up and answer quick questions about your property, goals, preferences, and set a budget.

Pay your project deposit to schedule an in-person site assessment with the local, vetted Ecosystems Specialist that is the best match for your project.

Meet your Ecosystems Specialist at the appointed time on your property for about an hour. Your Ecosystems Specialist will note ecological conditions, take photos, and create a Project Roadmap with you based on your vision.

If your project requires professional landscape design, we’ll connect you with a vetted Landscape Designer on our platform to collaborate with your Service Provider and bring the design to life.

Get estimates, timelines, and updates on the project from your platform, accept contracts, pay deposits, and watch your property start to Thrive!

Achieving your ecosystem’s full potential likely requires occasional, intelligent intervention. We schedule recurring specialist visits to ensure everything is growing according to plan.

The Thrive Lot Difference

Conventional Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping with Thrive Lot
✘ Purely ornamental ✔️ Beautiful, bountiful, food-productive,
multi-functional & ecologically-restorative.

✘ Thirsty and wasteful ✔️ Uses native plants adapted to survive in local
conditions. Utilizes smart techniques such as
rainwater catchment, passive irrigation & mulching.

✘ Chemically enhanced ✔️ Uses natural soil amendments to encourage
microorganism activity that feeds the soil naturally.

✘ Individualistic method to planting,
high maintenance
✔️ A whole-systems design approach with nature
in mind, creating rich connections among plants and trees
that pick up much of a gardener’s work.

✘ Draining and destructive ✔️ Adds curb appeal and creates significant
economic, social & environmental benefits.